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Superpro Bushes

High performanace polyurethane bushes for road and track
Developed on the road...Proven on track

Superpro polyurethane suspension bushes are tried, tested and proven in motorsport and deliver outstanding performance for the road.

Their innovative design and superior materials offer dramatic improvements in handling and steering response without adversely affecting ride quality.

Why use Superpro bushes? Improved handling and more responsive steering Constant steering geometry Increased tyre life Precision engineered for an exact fit No increase in noise, vibration and harshness, an attribute that makes them an ideal choice for both road and track use 3 years/36 000 miles guarantee Benefits of Polyurethane Manufacturers traditionally use rubber for suspension bushes due to its low cost, ease of use and good insulation properties. However polyurethane has the following advantages over rubber bushes: Resistance to abrasion, UV light and water Resistance to chemicals such as oil, petrol, salt, antifreeze and other solvents Longer service life In addition to Superpro’s standard replacement bushes, we can also supply and fit a range of Superpro suspension components to allow for additional [...]

Diagnostic Fault Finding

Experts in petrol and diesel engine management systems
We are specialists in diagnosing faults and regularly resolve faults that other companies cannot. We have the latest diagnostic equipment and a wealth of experience in fault finding. Some of the common faults we get asked to look at include: poor running misfires complete non-start all common warning lights. We pride ourselves in having the right equipment, knowledge and experience to enable us to do this. If a warning light comes on, it is because it has detected a fault within the system, failure to address this quickly can lead to further, more costly repairs, as can incorrect diagnosis which often results in replacement of unnecessary parts and increased labour charge. Accurate diagnosis cannot always be achieved by simply ‘plugging in a diagnostic computer’ this will only determine the approximate area of the fault. Further testing is in almost every case, required to pinpoint and accurately diagnose a fault, saving you money in the long run and getting your vehicle back on the road sooner.Some of the diagnostic techniques and tests we regularly carry out include:Fuel system analysisSerial data, datalogging and fault codesOscilloscope testing and waveform analysisCom [...]
Often referred to as ‘tracking’ wheel alignment is now a vital service operation for modern vehicles. With the introduction of multi-link suspension designs and ever increasing wheel sizes wheel alignment can dramatically affect how a vehicle drives and has become a much more involved operation than simply ‘toe-in/toe-out’ We have invested in the latest four wheel alignment equipment to ensure that all the cars we set-up are done to the highest possible standard whether for regular road use or with a bias towards track use. How to determine if wheel alignment is required: • Uneven/premature tyre wear • Unlevel/mis-aligned steering wheel • A steering pull to the left or right, particularly noticeable at speed • After hitting a pothole or kerb, particularly if severe enough to have caused wheel/ tyre damage • After suspension or steering component replacement • After routine tyre replacement to ensure maximum tyre life Benefits of wheel alignment? • Reduce tyre wear/extends tyre life • Improves fuel economy • Reduce c02 emissions • Improved handling • Safer driving

Air Con Re-Gas

Air conditioning servicing, diagnostics and repair
DID YOU KNOW? Over 90% of new cars are fitted with air conditioning! Whether it is a basic system with manual control or the latest tri-zone climate control system our f-gas certified staff have the experience to service and repair your air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems should be serviced every 2 years to ensure correct and efficient operation. VDS Performance summer offer!!!! Get your vehicle's air conditioning checked and re-gassed for just £55! WHY SERVICE AIR CONDITIONING? • Maintains correct and efficient operation • Save fuel! Low gas content can cause the compressor to work harder and therefore use more fuel • Air conditioning should be used at least every week to keep the systems seals and components lubricated • Air conditioning should be used during the winter months too as it removes the moisture from the cabin therefore helping to clear the windscreen and improve visibility • Pollen filters prevent harmful contaminants from entering the cabin and should be replaced at least every 2 years (more often under unfavourable conditions) • If your air con system smells musty or unpleasant then this indicates that it requires a ‘sanitisation service’ this is due to bacteria building [...]
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