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VDS is proud to announce that we are now able to offer a range of performance software remapping services for VAG group vehicles as well as many other makes and models.

We have joined forces with Kent based tuning company JF automotive to bring you the latest in performance software.

Services we offer

Performance Engine Software – remapping software for a range of petrol and diesel cars and vans.

Gearbox software – available for most late DSG and S-tronic gearboxes providing faster gear changes, increased torque limit, launch control and more.

Tuning boxes – with an increasing amount of newer vehicles requiring the ECU to be removed and electronically ‘unlocked’ in order to install the performance software these plug and play tuning modules offer an excellent alternative. Manufactured in Germany using OE connectors and backed up with a 3 year warranty.

What is remapping?

Previously referred to as ‘chip-tuning’, engine remapping involves the recalibration of the engine control units (ECU) internal software to maximise the engines power, torque and drive-ability.

Performance software is designed to work on standard cars with no other modifications required.
Performance software is designed to work in conjunction with a performance air filter or intake kit, high-flow sports exhaust system and uprated intercooler to provide additional gains over stage one.
Performance software is designed to work in conjunction with big turbo kits and associated supporting hardware.
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VDS 5 step remapping process

  • Pre-map fault code check and road test.
  • Smoke test to ensure no intake system leaks that can affect fuel mixture and performance.
  • Original software is ‘read’ and then checked against our vast database to ensure the correct version is available and that the vehicle has not been remapped by another tuner before – if it has then a ‘stock’ file is installed and checked first prior to installing the performance file.
  • Performance file is installed via the OBD port (some models may require ECU to be removed and software bench flashed).
  • Road test, data-log and final fault code check

How does remapping work?

We have access to a vast library of software files all developed in house at JF Automotive. JFA has a wealth of experience with tuning cars having provided performance software solutions for everything from standard road cars to a 1600bhp Bugatti Veyron!!

We also have access to JFA’s 2000hp all wheel drive Mustang dyno for software development and power runs.

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