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Dealer-level diagnostics

Experts in petrol and diesel engine management systems
VDS are specialists in diagnosing faults and regularly resolve faults that other companies cannot. We regularly attend training courses to keep pace with the newest systems and latest technologies. VDS have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment including a fully licenced VAG ‘ODIS’ system allowing us to carry out the same level of repairs as the main dealers. This includes: Key and Immobiliser programming including ESCL and KESSY Control module replacement and coding Manufactures software updates Guided fault finding Access to the latest manufactures technical information including wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins Some of the common faults we get asked to look at include: poor running – petrol and diesel misfires complete non-start all common warning lights. If a warning light comes on, it is because it has detected a fault within the system, failure to address this quickly can lead to further, more costly repairs, as can incorrect diagnosis which often results in replacement of unnecessary parts and increased labour charg [...]
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