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Over 90% of new cars are fitted with air conditioning! Whether it is a basic system with manual control or the latest tri-zone climate control system our f-gas certified staff have the experience to service and repair your air conditioning system.

Air conditioning systems should be serviced every 2 years to ensure correct and efficient operation.


• Maintains correct and efficient operation

• Save fuel! Low gas content can cause the compressor to work harder and therefore use more fuel

• Air conditioning should be used at least every week to keep the systems seals and components lubricated

• Air conditioning should be used during the winter months too as it removes the moisture from the cabin therefore helping to clear the windscreen and improve visibility

• Pollen filters prevent harmful contaminants from entering the cabin and should be replaced at least every 2 years (more often under unfavourable conditions)

• If your air con system smells musty or unpleasant then this indicates that it requires a ‘sanitisation service’ this is due to bacteria building up on the surface of the evaporator which can lead to legionnaires and other respiratory diseases if left untreated.

We can also carry out:
1) Sanitisation service to remove odours
2) Nitrogen leak testing to identify leaks in the system
3) System flushing to remove contamination after component failure in order to prevent repeat failure
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  • Pre and post service system performance evaluation
  • Evacuate refrigerant
  • Vacuum system
  • Recharge system with correct weight of refrigerant, oil and if required UV leak detection dye
  • Test system operation including pressures, temperatures, fan operation and fault codes
  • Pollen filter inspection (additional replacement charge applies)
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Air Con Regas in Redhill
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