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We are specialists in diagnosing faults and regularly resolve faults that other companies cannot. We have the latest equipment and a wealth of experience in .

Some of the common faults we get asked to look at include:

  • poor running
  • misfires
  • complete non-start
  • all common warning lights.

We pride ourselves in having the right equipment, knowledge and experience to enable us to do this.

If a comes on, it is because it has detected a fault within the system, failure to address this quickly can lead to further, more costly repairs, as can incorrect diagnosis which often results in replacement of unnecessary parts and increased labour charge.
Accurate diagnosis cannot always be achieved by simply ‘plugging in a diagnostic computer’ this will only determine the approximate area of the fault. Further testing is in almost every case, required to pinpoint and accurately diagnose a fault, saving you money in the long run and getting your vehicle back on the road sooner.

Some of the diagnostic techniques and tests we regularly carry out include:

  • Fuel system analysis
  • Serial data, datalogging and fault codes
  • Oscilloscope testing and waveform analysis
  • Compression testing and cylinder leakage testing
  • Battery and charging system testing
Volkswagen Transporter TDI under test for poor starting

Vehicle diagnostic testing equipment

Warning Lights

Some of the common fault warning lights we see are shown above, if you have an issue with any of the systems shown or even any others that are not, give us a call, chances are we can help!


  1. EML engine management system
  2. COIL diesel engine management system
  3. DPF diesel particulate filter/after treatment system
  4. ABS anti-lock braking system
  5. ESP electronic stability program/traction control system
  6. EHPS electro-hydraulic power steering system
  7. SRS airbag/safety-restraint system
  8. TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system
  9. BATTERY battery and charging system
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