Electrical Repair

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ECU repair crawley replacement gatwick volkswagen audi

Advancements in modern vehicle technology in recent years has made the correct diagnosis and repair of faults a much more involved and technically challenging task.

Despite the accompanying developments in modern diagnostic equipment, today’s technology requires the technician to be able to constantly learn new systems and skills in order to carry out effective and accurate diagnosis.

repair crawley ecu replacement gatwick volkswagen audi

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex and typically consist of approximately 40% electrics and can have up to 100 control units all operating on a communication network!

At VDS Performance we have invested heavily in equipment, training and information to ensure that we have everything we need to carry out effective, accurate diagnosis of your vehicle, saving you money and getting you back on the road quicker.

wiring repairs audi seat skoda crawley

We have access to manufacturers information and electrical wiring diagrams, coupled with a wealth of experience in fault finding including using oscilloscopes as well as scan tools which gives us an advantage when it comes to fault finding. From tracing a broken wire to replacing/coding a replacement control module we have the knowledge, skill and experience required to get the job done right, first time, avoiding unnecessary and often expensive parts replacement.

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