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Often referred to as ‘tracking’ wheel alignment is now a vital service operation for modern vehicles.
With the introduction of multi-link suspension designs and ever increasing wheel sizes wheel alignment can dramatically affect how a vehicle drives and has become a much more involved operation than simply ‘toe-in/toe-out’
We have invested in the latest four wheel alignment equipment to ensure that all the cars we set-up are done to the highest possible standard whether for regular road use or with a bias towards track use.

How to determine if wheel alignment is required:

• Uneven/premature tyre wear
• Unlevel/mis-aligned steering wheel
• A steering pull to the left or right, particularly noticeable at speed
• After hitting a pothole or kerb, particularly if severe enough to have caused wheel/ tyre damage
• After suspension or steering component replacement
• After routine tyre replacement to ensure maximum tyre life

Benefits of wheel alignment?

• Reduce tyre wear/extends tyre life
• Improves fuel economy
• Reduce c02 emissions
• Improved handling
• Safer driving

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